Food For LawnsFertilizers For Lawns: Food For Your Garden

Soft lush green grass under your feet, a gentle breeze brushing your face while taking a lovely morning stroll in your lawn is a great feeling. To maintain a healthy body we need a balanced diet -so in a similar manner to enjoy the goodness of a great garden or yard, you need fertilizers.

Plants are a living organism, so instead of taking our lawn for granted we need to provide it with a nourishing diet to make it grow and glow. Fertilizers for lawns has multiple benefits like:
* promoting the growth of new leaves and the plant roots,
* controlling and reducing the lawn weeds ,
* replenishing the soil with the lost nutrients
* helping with pest control.

There are two different types of fertilizers for lawns available in the market:

Liquid based fertilizers: These fertilizers are easy to use and have a faster effect as the soil rapidly absorbs them. All you need to do is to mix liquid fertilizers with water and sprinkle it over the plants. Liquid fertilizers should be used bi weekly or once every 21 days for greater impact.

Granular fertilizers: These fertilizers are added to the garden by using a spreader followed by the sprinkling of water. The advantage of using granular fertilizers is that you are well aware of the quantity of fertilizer that is being added to the lawn. They are further available in two varieties: quick release fertilizers which have an impact for a month and slow release fertilizers that last for up to 3 months.

There are few factors to be kept in mind before applying fertilizers on your lawn. Determine the type of lawn grass, find out the soil type and measure the size of your lawn. This information will help you in selecting the right fertilizers for your lawn. Also follow the instructions available on the fertilizer pack about the quantity to be used and how frequently they have to be applied before adding them to your soil.

Here are some important tips to be kept in mind before applying fertilizers on lawns:

Mow the lawn and moisten the soil before using fertilizers as a dry lawn can get burnt while sprinkling fertilizers.

Remember, application of fertilizer is not same as the weed control. Hence both the products should not be used simultaneously or in combination.

You should be very cautious while handling fertilizers as they can be poisonous. Always cover your hands with gloves and also wear dust mask while handling fertilizers for your own safety.

The right kind of fertilizers can help you get that lush green garden cover that you so desire.

If you call a lawn care professional, ask if they use eco-friendly fertilizers.